question about defectguardsimulator

  • hello. glad to write a comment here. That's a great job. I learned a lot from your opensource code. I used to download a defectguardsimulator from your website. Does this Tool selled in VisionAppster? Do you have a download link to download defectguadsimulator?

  • Hi! I have to say this was totally unexpected. The history came haunt me. 😄 But thanks for your kind words.

    Unfortunately, Defect Guard died with the company that created it. There are still a couple of installations running, but we couldn't make it work financially. I bet the simulator can still be found in the net somewhere, but VisionAppster is not in the business of web inspection.

    That said, if there is enough demand, somebody may some day put a similar product on sale at or publish the original source code. Stay tuned. 🙂


  • Thank you for your replay. I'm a software engineer from china,China now have broad market prospect in Machine vision application and I am also work in this field. I am doing a survey on surface inspection recently, and want to make a surface inspection product. I download the visionappster and try it yesterday. I am glad to recommend it to my colleague.I think visionappster is similar to machine vision software like cognex or visionmaster,it aslo can publish algorithm from different community. Looking forward that will publish more algorithms and create sustainable value. best wishes to you.

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